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In the link below, there is a letter written by an anonymous history professor at UC Berkley explaining his/her displeasure regarding the university's support for BLM. As the writer says, while this shouldn't matter, he/she is a person of colour and it, unfortunately, does matter at this time.

I work in a university (not in America) and it is deeply troubling that this person is correct that he/she would lose their job if this letter was not anonymous. This is despite it being a beautifully written, cogent, and evidence-based argument.

It sums up my feelings pretty well. The only thing it doesn't cover is the fact that the best data that are available to us shows that white people in the US are significantly more likely to be killed by police than black people, both in absolute numbers and as a proportion of those who commit a crime. It undermines the entire basis of the BLM movement.
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