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Originally Posted by Kathleen View Post
I have always thought that weed should be legal. I could use the old argument that considering the damages that alcohol does, weed is lightweight. But even without using that argument, I don't understand a government that says I cannot use (in any way or form) a naturally grown substance. This stuff grows all over here in Northern NJ - empty lots, the NJ Transit right of way along the tracks etc.

Once the government finds a way to take a hefty tax bite from you - you can bet that it will be legal in more than 2 states. Yes this is my cynical self talking.
I'm actually amazed that governments around the world haven't jumped on it for taxation already.

I would imagine the vast majority of the population couldn't care either way if it was legalised given how little an issue it is compared to the other social ills of alcohol, hard drugs and bad diets so I really don't understand why it hasn't come to the fore before now.

It's quite interesting that a socially conservative country like the US is taking these steps - I wouldn't imagine many places will be far behind.
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