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Aloha !

I'm not quite sure what to think of this just yet. When I was still in graphic school there was a coffee shop just around the corner. I bought weed there one time for a classmate (no seriously ) because he was too young to buy some. Didn't think much of it back then.

A few years later though, at least half of my classmates sat in class stoned at least once, and several got addicted to the stuff, much like some get addicted to cigarettes. The effect of them being addicted to weed was that several failed class and obviously couldn't deal with weed being "everywhere". I had friends of suffered from short term memory loss all thanks to weed. It was the typical local country boy goes to school in the big city story.

Considering the amount of tourists in Amsterdam not being able to deal with the "free" weed out there, I'm kind of curious what it'd be like would it actually be fully legal here, or anywhere for that matter. Their problems are relatively small (can't find their hotel etc.). If they'd suddenly be exposed to it every day, and get addicted, they just might never find their way back home anymore. Much like with alcohol and Korsakoff etc.

Every generation here in Holland is being raised with the thought of it just being out there and there's a select few who can't deal with it. Yet the general attitude towards it over where I live, is much different compared to other parts of Holland, where people seem to think it's drugs, thus evil. All saying this while chain smoking or binge drinking every weekend, obviously.

I don't think you can just legalize something when in a country like Holland there's still people being so uneducated about it. Americas ridiculous policy doesn't make much sense to me either though. I don't think you should go to prison for being in posession of marijuana, but just legalizing something when people don't really know what the consequences of taking it are, isn't the solution either.

Considering how people still drink and drive when thinking "the effects of being drunk have faded", and me seeing first hand how someone who smoked a joint thought that several hours later he was up for driving, I'm not quite sure how to control either one of these things. Seeing how 14 year old kids can still get alcohol from the supermarket here right across the street, I kind of wonder what it'd be like if weed would be legal everywhere.

Salaam Aleikum,
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