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Quote: Billionaire equity firm owner John Childs is one of several men accused of soliciting prostitution in connection with a Florida spa tied to an international human trafficking ring...Childs owns...a private equity firm based in Massachusetts (and is) a prominent donor to several Republican politicians and groups...
Two New England-based billionaires who can't afford high-end prostitutes patronizing the same spa? There has to be more to this than meets the eye.
Quote: Kenneth Wessel...(t)he president of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Indian River County and the John's Island Foundation, is one of 173 people arrested or wanted in Indian River County on prostitution charges connected to a human trafficking sting.
What's with this fancy-schmancy customer base?
Quote: (The) owner/manager of (a neighboring business), said he had suspicions about activities at the spa from the beginning... “We never saw the contractor; they had a single guy just working and building out the place...I was positive they were sleeping in there.”

He said he thought the spa opened around Thanksgiving, and the clientele was almost all men. “Anything from a lot of pickup trucks to some high-end cars that were coming in here, too...There were like $90,000 cars that were pulling up.”

(He also) said traffic picked up as the night went on and the windows of the spa were dark...“It just didn’t seem like it was an up-and-up situation...”
Well, that's a relief -- at least they weren't snobs about it.

Remember how we used to talk about busting out? We'd break their hearts together...forever...

You and me and our old friends / hoping it would never end / holding on to never say goodbye...

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