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Originally Posted by rocknation View Post
A very, uh, detailed police report has been released, and all I can say is that his defense of having done nothing illegal seems to be based on, uh, no female naughty bits actually being involved:
You'd think an attorney could cite the highest office in US government, and call it the Clinton defense. Unfortunately for Kraft, the Florida Statute is more specific in defining "sexual activity" and eliminates that as an option.

What confuses me is, according to this, he's being charged with (2)(e) offering to commit prostitution... not soliciting, as reported in the press, which means the worst that he's facing is a max 60-day and/or a max $$500 fine, which is the same for (2)(e) and (f). The mandatory educational program and 100 hours of community service, plus a $5000 civil penalty is only considered for (2)(f) Soliciting.

(I guess they figure the pros don't need to know about the negative effects of prostitution and human trafficking; and if the johns can afford to pay for sex, they can afford to support drug programs and safe houses.)
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