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Well, the world will be a safer place -- for the rest of the month, at least:
CNN: A judge...temporarily blocked the release of video that allegedly shows New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft receiving sexual services at a Florida day spa...

Kraft's lawyers had filed an emergency motion...after Palm Beach County State Attorney's Office said in court documents it would release video showing Kraft and 24 other men charged after a months-long, multi-jurisdictional sting...

Kraft's lawyers have maintained that releasing the video would violate their client's constitutional rights and hamper his chance for a fair trial...A hearing is scheduled for April 29...
Well, duh dot com: the closest it should to come to being publicly broadcast is in the courtroom during the trial if cameras are allowed.

Kraft's attorneys have (also) asked the judge to keep the video out of the trial...A hearing on the matter is scheduled for April 26...

(H)is attorneys allege that investigators provided false information in the affidavit to obtain a warrant for the sting, thus making the video inadmissible...(and) argued the video is "basically pornography..."
Except for the part with him in it, of course...

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