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Self-Snitching Goes International:
A major heroin ring in New York City was busted this week...Each of the (six) men faces a minimum of 10 years to life behind bars...

The crew had connections to a Mexican cartel and would funnel the drugs through Los Angeles, New York and Chicago, according to federal authorities.

(A) fleet of cars seized in the bust included a Lamborghini Hurácan, Rolls Royce Ghost, Bentley, Audi R8 Spyder, Mercedes CLS63, Mercedes S550, Porsche Cayenne, Maserati, Range Rover Sport and BMW M4...Among (the) gifts seized: a $3,000 Versace stroller...a Rolex watch, Chanel handbag and Versace dress...

...(T)he dealers flaunted their lavish lives, funded by drug money, on Instagram...

Nice work, guys -- all you have to worry about now is paying taxes on your illegally earned income, and the drug cartel getting nervous about you snitching on them. They may put out the word that there's a big payday waiting for anyone who silences you permanently!

Remember how we used to talk about busting out? We'd break their hearts together...forever...

You and me and our old friends / hoping it would never end / holding on to never say goodbye...

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