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If you pay attention to social media - they all are a hot mess. Richie, just look at interviews and shows the last 4 years. Go read the boards or reports from people at the shows in Europe in 14. Ori - pot pic, he took she posted. She's posted alcohol pre and with Richie, fav. molly post in Canada. Still remember when she got into a spat on twitter with a fan and her reply was no "hard" drugs. Define hard? Heather - in and out of rehab for years. The fight with Jack Wagner even the crashing her porche back in Sept. had IMO cause for concern. If you replay the TMZ tape you hear the officer in a soft voice ETOH (extremely trashed or hammered) - but celebrity. They later said no drugs or alcohol but I wondered, no damage except her car so it was let go. I'm fairly lenient, but if it affects society (driving), work, health or family - time to stop. The spa like rehabs don't seem to work.

None of them have heavy work commitments now - so what do they do? It seems like such a waste. Surrounded by yes people. Ava could either learn or end up traveling the same/worse road. She's back in Hi today so "seems" ok. I guess it's the "normal" for her.
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