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Even after Heather Locklear was thrown behind bars for beating up her high school sweetheart, Chris Heisser, in an alcohol-fueled rage, he still has no intention of ditching the troubled actress.

Incredibly, despite getting arrested himself for a DUI hours after his famous fiancée was hauled off to jail Heisser forgave Locklear and continues to live with her!

“Heather apologized the next day and he’s still staying at her house,” a source told Radar. “He wants to [leave], but he has nowhere else to go but her home.”


Now, as the soap opera continues, I can see why Ava went with Richie to Hawaii. There were quite a few people accusing her of abandoning her mother and going on vacation instead, but the domestic hell isn't going to miracously change into heaven if Heather doesn't want to change anything.
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