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Default Short clarification and then you - thank god - are rid of me

I get accused by people to twist things so that Jon would fit my box. I already said I was probably wrong about the lyrics of I Want To be Loved

But the way people like Supersonic start a shitstorm and twist my words here is insulting. Not just in my case but with other people too

To make a few things clear:

I did never say I can diagnose someone with Narcissistic personality disorder. Narcissism is a spectrum, we are all somewhere in it and for me many things Jon did raise red flags for me. And I do stand by my claim that Jon is grandiose and seems to need constant validation.
I probably came across as 'oh look I am smart I know it all' I would not be able diagnose someone because I am not a clinical psychologist. I am actually someone who is rather looking for the truth than wanting to be right.

Nobody needs to agree with me but if someone insults me I think he is a prick. (by the way I have never experienced this amount of boarderline insults on the internet, the way some people are doing it here)

But personally I do trust my gut and it is usually right.

I said I did finish my degree where psychology was part of it and all of a sudden people come up saying: I said I can diagnose people because I took some classes in psychology. That is exactly what I got accused of here: Twisting words to fit an image.
I do except other people's opinions and even if I thnk they are stupid, I still know that maybe I am too stupid to get them (in some cases)

I always liked this forum because there were cool people here like Mo, Deb, bonjovi90, Captain Jovi and so on but I do have a big problem with arrogant people who are constantly trying to start a pissing contest and feel the need to prove they are right and everyone who posts something they think is stupid has to be stupid because they are right.

So bye! For most of the people I hope Jovi will put out a killer album which will surprise us all!!!

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