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Originally Posted by thesedays2014 View Post
Forget all the bullshit: we’re here talk, read and debate Bon Jovi. If you debate with people like Supersonic, you know what you’re letting yourself in for. But it’s just a game and everyone has their own ‘persona’.

Don’t take these things too seriously, there ain’t nobody left but us these days.

Keep the faith
Yes, I do take personal insults too seriously and when it is semi-tolerated to call someone a 'stupid c*nt' (not talking about me here) that is not a message board I want to be on. It is ok, I am not crying over it but I do think (even if it is a game and then it is not funny) a certain amount of respect towards each other should be there. I know that Supersonic loves to be the prick and the 'I know it all' guy but he also has got people backing him up even when he is being arrogant towards people. I took it with humor but at this point went too far for me

Life can be annoying enough on its own so I do not need this kind of crap bombing in my spare time.

But sure: Keep The Faith is always a good way to start

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