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I can't say everybody is treated equally here, though. If X and Y make silly jokes, they are repeatedly called out and/or banned and I understand it. Derailing threads with pages and pages of stuff you could do in private can annoy the hell out of you BUT when this or that person is openly rude to another person, uses lg that's hurtful and personally attacks them, then some follow suit AND nothing's done bc 'X is like that, deal with that', heck, it's no wonder people don't want to get involved in discussions.

If 'freedom of speech' was indeed the case, you could come up with whatever you think is fitting the topic, much as disliked the idea could be, AND expect a civil discussion with those arguments being backed up or rejected but without putting up with being called an idiot, mental, c*nt or other stfu terms. It's sick and disgusting and tbh, I wouldn't want to meet those people in person, seriously. Just imagine having a convo over a beer and constantly being bashed because they know better. So much f*ckin' fun
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