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Originally Posted by thesedays2014 View Post
Totally agree with you re bullying and suicide and Iím not saying itís not a big deal. Unfortunately, I have had a family member who is no longer with us due to that.

However, your last sentence is the best and most important saying and not giving a shit is what we all must strive for.

Personally, I donít mind being called a cunt and at the same time Iím not going to call anybody a prick...whatís the point...palabras necias, oŪdos sordos.
You know what. If Seb and the likes of him carry on bullying others like that, I'm not gonna stay silent. That's all I know. And I don't care if his following is 5 or 500. I tried to stay away but the shit got too big. Just grow up, kid.
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