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Originally Posted by Eveline View Post
You must be kidding me. People commit suicides bc some f*ckers bully them online and you think it's not a big deal. Those words hurt for real, virtual reality or not. I've read another quote one day. 'In a world you could be anything, be kind.' Hell, you can save or kill with that little you do sometimes. I can't imagine being a pr*ck to anybody just because I have a bad day. And I can't understand folks who tell you to suck it up. You can argue with things as much as you want, but be aware that educating others doesn't mean beating them. Show them why they're wrong if you think so. Kindly. Be a teacher, not a pr*ck. It takes a lot of self-confidence to see that hateful speech, give the author a mental middle finger and go on. Not giving a sh*t is a skill that takes time to master.
I do think you mentioned a very important point. If you want to tell someone he or she is wrong and you do it in a disrespectful way you do it for your ego.

I have to say if I were a child or a teenager Supersonic's behavior would very much intimidate me and yes, i do believe these things make people think about suicide in some severe cases.

Imagine you are like: I am very sensitive and someone like Supersonic comes around: you are sensitive like shit you are stupid as ****, etc. When I - as a grown-up with a rather normal self-esteem and years of knowing myself know not to get hurt by someone trying to judge me after reading like a few posts by me but If you are a fragile teen it might hurt you deeply. And one thing I know is that young people need others to stand up for them. It took me years to get over this bully at school calling me so damn ugly in front of half the school and other things and even being physically attacked that I later suffered from panic attacks because it got to me too much.

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