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Aloha !

Originally Posted by Eveline View Post
Good. Very good.
There, I've made you say my name and I've left you running out of things to say. Who's my bitch now?

Originally Posted by faith1985 View Post
I have to say if I were a child or a teenager Supersonic's behavior would very much intimidate me and yes, i do believe these things make people think about suicide in some severe cases.
Yes. My opinion on Bon Jovi makes people think about suicide. That definitely doesn't sound strange at all.

Originally Posted by faith1985 View Post
Imagine you are like: I am very sensitive and someone like Supersonic comes around: you are sensitive like shit you are stupid as ****, etc. When I - as a grown-up with a rather normal self-esteem...
You sure about that? If anything, your lack of self-esteem is constantly overcompensated by the nonsense you spout.

Originally Posted by faith1985 View Post
and years of knowing myself know not to get hurt by someone trying to judge me after reading like a few posts by me but If you are a fragile teen it might hurt you deeply. And one thing I know is that young people need others to stand up for them. It took me years to get over this bully at school calling me so damn ugly in front of half the school and other things and even being physically attacked that I later suffered from panic attacks because it got to me too much.
Again, leave the personal issues out of it. There's just no need for that. It's a Bon Jovi messageboard, not a Reddit therapy group. You bring in so much useless information about yourself that's got no relation to whatever you posted in regards to your opinion on Jon Bon Jovi's psychological profile. You just couldn't handle being called out on it. Whatever happened when you were 16 doesn't really matter.

Originally Posted by faith1985 View Post
Eveline comes across as a victim? Saving face?

It is funny but the only person who constantly argues AGAINST every one who is criticising him is you. But it is quite common to project negative aspects of yourself onto others. Do you really not see that? I mean really? Do you seriously think you are being decent and not just constantly being rude?
Are you really like that or just constantly trolling?
Again, hush. You left the board, remember? Enough with the psychological alaysis. Is your hole not deep enough yet?

Salaam Aleikum,

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