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Originally Posted by Supersonic View Post
Aloha !

There, I've made you say my name and I've left you running out of things to say. Who's my bitch now?

Yes. My opinion on Bon Jovi makes people think about suicide. That definitely doesn't sound strange at all.

You sure about that? If anything, your lack of self-esteem is constantly overcompensated by the nonsense you spout.

Again, leave the personal issues out of it. There's just no need for that. It's a Bon Jovi messageboard, not a Reddit therapy group. You bring in so much useless information about yourself that's got no relation to whatever you posted in regards to your opinion on Jon Bon Jovi's psychological profile. You just couldn't handle being called out on it. Whatever happened when you were 16 doesn't really matter.

Again, hush. You left the board, remember? Enough with the psychological alaysis. Is your hole not deep enough yet?

Salaam Aleikum,
See, you did not get what I was saying. I said if a teen would read a sentence like 'you are sensitive like shit' it might harm him or her. And as an example for this I said that these things harmed me when I was younger and I know several people who were bullied and deeply wounded by it. You are -again - twisting things: I did say the kind of behavior you display might hurt fragile people very deeply. You are showing no signs of empathy here and yes, to be honest, if everybody would act like this I would absolutely look for a hole and stay there. It is strange though, because your brother came across as a very decent person, tbh. so maybe there is still hope you are just trolling. And yes, some of your comments are so overly out of line that they are being funny, I give you that.

And I am not psychologically analysing you just because I say you are rude or projecting. That is just my opinion.

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