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Originally Posted by semigoodlooking View Post
Both actually have few traits of those, especially within the realm of their industry. Or at least for clarity, each has displayed traits of both sides of the coin, enough that saying one is A or B is foolish. As someone in the field, I completely reject your analysis at distance based on a public persona.

That's not to say Jon is not a narcissit. He may be the biggest in the world. I am just saying you have no clue what you're talking about. How could you unless you are the mental health professional he uses or have some personal relationship with him?

Now, the part I put in bold. You say its "quite clear". So, could you explain to me what these clear markers are that suggest Jon and Richie's mental states?
Study the theory, learn all about it in through reiki and ‘alternative’ practices, have lots of experience with narcissits and empaths and then give your opinion.

Of course, you could be totally right, as I have no relationship with them. But go ahead and try...and let me know your opinion.
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