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Originally Posted by thesedays2014 View Post
Study the theory, learn all about it in through reiki and ¬‘alternative¬’ practices, have lots of experience with narcissits and empaths and then give your opinion.

Of course, you could be totally right, as I have no relationship with them. But go ahead and try...and let me know your opinion.
You're right of course. My 7+ years of graduate and post graduate study and five years in the field are probably not enough to dicuss this subject. Instead, the placebo of reiki is much more legit as a means to validate diagnosis at distance.

If the universe told you Jon's energy is that of a narcissit, great. However, Narcissistic personality disorder is a genuine condition and you said Jon has traits of that disorder. What exactly are those observable traits?

(I am completely ignoring the fact that we all have traits of narcissim, so even saying someone has traits has no substantiation. One may as well say Jon is part of a collective that displays narcissitic traits).

P.S. I am really not defending Jon's personality here, as I have said no one knows. I am defending the principles of psychology. It's one of the only professions where people believe they know best with absolutley no basis in research or fact. I wouldn't go into a hospital and randomly diagnose people based on at-distance visual or verbel information. Any diagnosis I would make would be an utter shot in the dark because of the simple fact I am not a medical doctor. In psychology, people believe they can make these assumptions and be utterly validated.

Finally, I was a psychologist for five years (12 if you include my studies) and I admittedly no longer do it. That said, I think those 12 years qualify as the "lots of experience with narcissists and empaths (another term that has no meaning in this instance without nuance, because most people have empath traits) you require".
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