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Originally Posted by allmike
Roger waters is not coming back. But their last album without him was a classic. Songs like 'coming back to life', 'high hopes' and 'Take it back' are one of my all time fav non BJ songs.
I'm hoping they will release new studio album soon.
So do I......but lets face it they won't.....

Everytime they're interviewed, they say the ball is in Dave's court. Then when he's asked, he says things like "i'm not in a Pink Floyd mood right now", or "That period is over". It doesn't look promising, unless he has a real change of hear (let's all hope it comes with the midlife crisis )

Seriously though, get the ROger Waters DVD. I saw the show last year and it was awsom. At times you're well awear it isn't PF, stuff like Shine on you Crazy Dimond, Comfortably Numb..... but at others it's as good as if the band is doing it (better in that it's Waters as well). Things like Welcome to the Machine, in the Flesh, Set the controles for the heart of the sun were just breathtaking.....
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