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Originally Posted by ponrauil
What ruined Audioslave's set was the very poor sound settings on the vocals with way too much reverb and was way too loud. I didn't manage to catch a single word on the songs I didn't know, it buzzed in the ears in a very unpleasant way . I mean amplifiers and loudspeakers were invented so everyone could hear, no so everyone could be deaf.
A shame really because this band has a great potential live, though the peak points in the set, energy wise in the crowd, were the RATM songs.
Another low was Chris Cornell needing 7 to 8 songs to get warmed up and actually realise his right arm can move and that his legs are NOT tied to one another with a 18 inch long rope. Ok, so he is sexy, but I'd fearlessly bet 20 bucks on JBJ actually outdancing him (and outsweating him too).
This man also obviously has a clumbsy thing against mic stands, breaking two during the show and throwing a third one on the security lads without even wanting to. Ok, so he is sexy.
Too bad that the sound settings weren't too good - the show I attended, had a magnificent sound (although the bootleg I got afterwards, had still very poor sound).

When it comes to Chris, it sounds like you were looking at and listening to a whole other man! I remember him being full of energy from the first song on and his interaction with the crowd was great. And we had zero mic stands incidents. But hell yeah; sexy he is! So I wouldn't care about what he's wearing, since I'd still be drooling over the man inside the clothes

Good to hear that your overall impression was good, but I did think you would have more of a blast.

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