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Default DeF LEppARd

Anyone here into Def Leppard at all?

I think they are an absolute quality band. Would love to see them live when they are next in the UK. Favourite song of theirs for me is 'Animal'.
Stick To Your Guns
Bon Jovi - Wolverhampton
Bon Jovi - Manchester

Bon Jovi - Manchester - June 4th
Bon Jovi - MK Bowl - June 10th
Bon Jovi - MK Bowl - June 11th
Def Leppard - Sheffield - June 17th

Bon Jovi - Manchester - June 22nd
Bon Jovi - Coventry - June 24th
Def Leppard/ Whitesnake/ Thunder - Nottingham - July 17th

Bon Jovi - Manchester - June 8th
Bon Jovi - Birmingham - June 9th
Bruce Springsteen - Coventry - June 20th
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