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I have Pyromania, Hysteria, Adrenalize and X. I would have bought more but everytime I look at their other stuff in town they are 17 each =/ I think I'll just order them off the net sometime. I also have two live dvds that they released, and the video hits dvd from not so long back. Really hoping that they hit the uk with a tour when theyve done in the US. They have a concert shirt on sale there that is ace looking so I wanna get that.

If your into the whole 80s hairmetal, melodic rock scene you might wanna check out "Giant" - only three albums - Last Of The Runaways, Time To Burn and 'III'. But all great albums, Dann Huff is an absolute guitar master, if you thought eddie van halen was good.... also have you heard anything off of the album "Double Eclipse" by Hardline? another great hard rock album.

EDIT - not quite sure why you dont like Adrenalize - I think its got some great stuff on there - LoL.. I wanna touch you is class, have you ever needed someone so bad is a top ballad. White Lightning is great apart from the 'overdone' musical intro.. should have cut that downa bit. Also if I remember right Heaven Is is on that album which aint a bad song
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