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Default Eric Clapton

Anybody else see him/will be seeing him this year or before. All I can say is wow. I was amazed song after song. He played mostly stuff from his solo career aside from an acoustic version of Running on Faith and a rockin' version of Layla, from what I knew. I didn't know a good number of the songs, but enjoyed every single one of them. Cocaine and Layla were the highlights of course as well as the finale that he brought out Robert Randolph (opener, and Jersey guy, saw the show at PNC in NJ). Either way though every song was better than the one before it and during each song I was like wow this is unbelievable. I didn't mind not knowing the majority of the songs because his show was significantly instrumental. If you didn't know the didn't matter there weren't that many of them haha. Anyways, this was definitely one of those guys who I wanted to go through life claiming that I saw him live and am very very satisfied. CLAPTON IS THE GREATEST GUITARIST EVER!
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