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Aloha !

I've seen him 3 times now, the Reptile Tour in 2001 which was great and then twice on the 2004 tour which was pretty rubbish. I've stopped going to his shows because he's more about giving away the lead than taking it himself because he enjoys playing with other guitar players. That's all fine with me, but I'm paying to see him play and not his other guitar players. Besides that, I don't like the sound of the new band, but that's just my personal preference. His setlists have been amazing though.

Originally Posted by Living_on_my_Hair View Post
Could only name the big hits, but I saw him play for almost 3 hrs a few yrs back here and he just blew me away with his sheer skill, which made up for the lack of talking and stage presence! A sheer joy to watch.

Clapton has never, ever played for almost 3 hours, and the tour you're describing had a set that in fact was his shortest in years. If that show blew you away, you should go see him now or download one of his shows from the 1988-1992 era. That was him peaking. The tour in 2004 was just disappointing.

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