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Funny Review of the Aerosmith/ KISS concert

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Old 09-04-2003, 05:19 PM
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Default Funny Review of the Aerosmith/ KISS concert

Aerosmith, KISS aging with grace
Some fans not so lucky at Blossom concert

If Blossom Music Center officials were really smart, they'd have posted this sign outside the KISS and Aerosmith concert Wednesday night:

No one over 35 wearing spandex and tube tops allowed.

It would have saved everyone a lot of unpleasantness.

Yes, the young and the past-their-prime came to Cuyahoga Falls ready to rock Wednesday night to two bands whose popularity has spanned four decades and a couple of generations.

Michelle Braniger, 49, of Chesterland brought her daughter Katie, 16.

``We both love Aerosmith,'' said Braniger. ``They transcend age.''

Saliva, a rough-edged band from the monster-truck school of singing, warmed up the crowd with a slick half-hour set timed to the second.

By the time KISS took the stage 25 minutes later, fans were already out of their seats.

Dan Foley, 40, a police officer from Detroit, did his head-banging in 7-inch platform boots. He was dressed in full KISS regalia, including the Kabuki-inspired face paint for which the band is famous. Foley was such a dead ringer as Gene Simmons (he of the well-examined tongue and legendary libido), that fans asked for his autograph before the show. Foley has been attending KISS concerts since the band formed in the mid-1970s.

And KISS gave a 1970s-style concert Wednesday night, complete with ear-boxing guitar riffs, pyrotechnics, vulgar gestures and spurting blood. They worked their way energetically and smoothly through a collection of hits, including Shout It Out Loud, Do You Love Me? and Beth. They wrapped it up with the party anthem I Want to Rock and Roll All Night.

Aerosmith fans weren't quite as visible as the KISS army, but their fans were plenty vocal. Before Aerosmith even took the stage, the crowd was singing Walk This Way. That song, first popular in the 1970s, rocketed Aerosmith back to fame 10 years later when the band performed it with rap group Run-DMC.

Aerosmith hasn't stopped since. Wednesday night, it performed a mix of old favorites, including Pink and Love in an Elevator, and mixed them with songs from its blues-inspired CD slated for release next year.

Although Aerosmith didn't perform with quite the zeal of KISS, lead singer Steven Tyler still weakens female knees.

It's amazing that these guys, now in their 50s, know how to please fans of all ages with their classic style of cool. How many guys can do the same job day after day for 30 years and still do it with passion?

So, KISS and Aerosmith prove it is possible to age gracefully, even in rock 'n' roll. But aging fans need to leave the stretch fabrics at home.
no spandex. no criminal records.
no rehab. no pseudo-lesbian videos.

its just a really great record.

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Old 09-05-2003, 04:05 AM
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lolo thanks for this Pan. its a nice read
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