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Well, I am a big Goo Goo Dolls fan, what can I say about this album?

First it has some great tracks like Hey Ya, Soldier and Something For The Rest Of Us. Some other good songs like Sweetest Lie and One Night, but some really annoing songs like Still Your Song and the worst song in the album (wich by the way is going to be the next single) called Notbroken.

SFTROU has two major problems: letting fans wait too much for this and being the same kind of soft album that Let Love In was.

I really think it's their weakest album since they started to put out some more commercial oriented songs (maybe Superstar Car Was was the beggining - great album btw).
IMO the GGDs still are in credit with their fans... first weak album in 2 decades. It's OK.

Well done, little buddy.
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