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Originally Posted by Gabriel Shoes View Post
Hold me Up: Just The Way You Are, There You Are, Million Miles Away, Two Days in February

SUperstar Car Wash: Fallin' Down, Cuz You're Gone, Girl Right Next to Me, We Are the Normal, String of Lies, Stop The World, On the Lie, So Far Away

What I Learned About Ego, Opinion, Art & Commerce: this one is a collection of their songs wich wasn't released as single with some new mix on it. Two Days In February is better here.

Gutterflower: Big Machine, Here Is Gone, Think About Me, What A Scene, What Do You Need?, It's Over, Truth Is A Whisper.

Let Love In: Stau With You, Let Love In, Feel The Silence, Better Days (a hit, but it sucks IMO), Without You here, Give A Little Bit, We'll Be Here (When You're Gone), Become.

Hope it helps you.
Thanks so much, will have a listen at work tomorrow
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