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Originally Posted by dcj28 View Post
Where the fooks the thread gone?!!! Was there one or did I dream it? What a band,what a gig(Manchester). Dear Mr bon jovi and Mr sambora,do what the fook you want now cos there's new kids(sort of) on the block who do make “big rock records” and do look like they want to be onstage.
That is all
Exactly what he said!!!

I went to London gig again. Gonna say it. Best gig ever been too. Loved it. Was second row. Got to meet the band again, they really are an amazing band. Lots of similarities to early Bon Jovi,
Hopefully they will get a big break soon. Not seen a bad review of all the UK gigs. They will be huge soon!!! Hopefully word of mouth will spread and people will start recognising how good they are.

It makes the current Bon Jovi set up look laughable.

Eric Rivers is my new guitar hero!

If you haven't heard of H.e.a.t you tube them. You will NOT be disappointed.

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