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Old 04-29-2019, 04:19 PM
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Iím with you to a degree on that one. It depends on what the live tracks are really. The live tracks from the Slang/Euphoria tours would have only been heard by those whoíve had bootlegs. For those who donít, thisíll be new to them. Plus the tracks included on this release will presumably be more professionally mastered.

Also, with b-sides some of them were only ever released on vinyl or not released in all territories, so with the Deluxe Editions at least (particularly Hysteria) there was an advantage to this. Itís also nice to consolidate all the pre-existing material into one package.

The audio for In The Round, In Your Face included on the Hysteria 30th Anniversary box set made sense as well as it was never released as audio-only, only DVD, and it was such a classic, electrifying performance that captured the band at the peak of their success, so it makes sense to include it.

The Slang Deluxe Edition was a nice surprise as we had, on top of (most of) the original b-sides, an entire rough mix 1st draft of the album plus a song that they started work on in 1995 and decided to finish for that release. Iím so glad they went that extra mile.

That being said, youíre right with the bulk of material on these box sets and deluxe editions being previously released. You sometimes wonder who the target audience it with the amount of content and high prices. Most hardcore fans would have most of it and casual/new fans will most likely be put off by the high price tag to start their collections here.

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