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This is a list of their albums:

- Iron Maiden (1980) [line-up: Paul Di'Anno vocals, Steve Harris bass, David Murray guitar, Clive Burr drums, Dennis Stratton guitar]

- Killers (1981) [Stratton is replaced by Adrian Smith]
- The number of the beast (1982) [Di'Anno is replaced by Bruce Dickinson]
- Piece of mind (1983) [Burr is replaced by Nicko McBrain]
- Powerslave (1984) [no changes until 'No prayer for the dying]
- Live after death (live album 1985)
- Somewhere in time (1986)
- Seventh son of a seventh son (198
- No prayer for the dying (1990) [Smith is replaced by Janick Gers]
- Fear of the dark (1992)
- A real live one (live, 1993)
- A real dead one (live, 1993)
- Live at Donnington 92 (live, 1994)
- The X factor (1995) [Dickinson is replaced by Blaze Bayley]
- The best of the beast (compilation, 1996)
- Virtual XI (199
- Ed Hunter (compilation + game, 1999)
- Brave new world (2000) [Bayley is replaced by Bruce Dickinson, Adrian Smith returns. Line up: Bruce Dickinson, Steve Harris, Adrian Smith, Dave Murray, Janick Gers, Nicko McBrain]

- Rock in Rio (live, 2002)
- Edward the Great (compilation, 2002)
- the new album in 2003 (recording is finished)

They also released 'Eddie's Archive in 2002 which contained 2 double disc live albums and 1 double disc with their best b-sides (check out Adrian Smith on vocals on 'Reach out')

I might have forgotten something but I'm sure someone can fill me in.
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