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Originally Posted by Bleeding Purist View Post
Nope. I'd love to work for them though! I certainly believe in what they are doing. Alas, they are London-based.

The original post was aimed at and first posted on a KISS forum. It was posted here for the handful of KISS fans.
Alright, makes sense!

From my point of view, I'd only buy shows (and the necessary gear for it) of bands I really want to see live. The current KISS do not qualify. And currently the offering there isn't great. The only bands that I'm a casual fan of are The Who and Kasabian and both of them I've seen live in the last 3 years and I'm OK with that memory. No bands or artist that I'm a big fan of are there at the moment and I consider my taste to be pretty diverse. They need to expand a lot more to be attractive to masses.
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