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Originally Posted by Bounce7800 View Post
To be honest, I thought this was a thread about Kiss so it passed me by. The concept of a VR concert seems really exciting, just a shame I'm not in any way likely to get Occulus or Gear any time soon. I had a poxy Google Cardboard for a bit which was as close as I got to that tech. It would be great to have a Bon Jovi gig on this, but they'd be the last to do something like that. If for nothing else, it got me to take a look at the site and Oculus. Maybe next Christmas I'll ask for one
It's possible one of the UK shows for Bon Jovi will be filmed this year, Wembley maybe? Many of the current shows available are London-based. I'd certainly enjoy seeing them get a show up, regardless of the current state of the band, as it's the ideal way to enjoy them these days versus on a small screen.

Despite the negative tone against current KISS in this thread, the reviews I've seen from people who have checked it out as non-fans have been quite positive to blown away. Hardcore fans track every single change and constantly compare to the past. With both of these bands, we're fully aware they've seen better days in terms of physicality and voice, but both of them continue to sell very well in the face of fans who swear they suck and should quit.
I said, all it's about is the boy checked out, he couldn't handle reality.
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