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Aloha !

Originally Posted by Bleeding Purist View Post
Ugh.. I'm waiting on Muse to announce a LA date and here you are, Muse in the winter, Muse in the Summer, Muse, Muse, Muse.

In the meantime, I have Fleetwood Mac next month and KISS next Feb.
I remember you saying in 2011 you'd do the same for Muse like you did for Bon Jovi. You could combine the two, they're playing in Europe in the same month. See Muse in Cologne on June 29 and then Bon Jovi in Dusseldorf on July 3. Both cities are close to eachother and just a few hours away from Paris, making you able to see Muse again over there on July the 5th as well and then take the train to see Bon Jovi in Madrid. That's 4 shows in 10 days.

I've no idea what your income is like nowadays but I'd say it's worth a look. I've combined several acts on trip before and it's great fun.

Salaam Aleikum,
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