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Originally Posted by Bleeding Purist View Post
The main issue is that I don't think I care enough about Bon Jovi anymore to want to bother with all of that and that I just spent a shitload of money on the concerts I have coming up. Three 15th row center seats for Fleetwood Mac are not cheap. I went to two THINFS shows in the U.S. and enjoyed them for what they were, but everything has paled since the 2010-2011 tour. I don't think they can do anything that would really get me excited at this point short of the kind of thing we saw on the Lost Highway tour, which I can't see being possible with Jon's voice.

As for Muse, I decided to make a San Francisco birthday weekend trip out of it... so just got tickets for that yesterday.
I think the band's set lists will still be impressive in Europe, no matter how shitty Jon's voice is. They were great in 2013 as well, even though his vocal decline had already begun quite audibly.

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