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Manic Street PReachers is AMAZING band. Probably my band nr. 2 (after BJ).
I started listen them 2 years ago after listenings them 2 song in radio in list top 100 songs ever in polish radio station. It was "Suicide Is Painless" and "IYTTYCWBNext". 2 amazing songs and after that I look on they videos on youtube and now I listen them very often,

First album which i listened was "Send Away A Tigers" great rock album.
But best album for me is probably.. "This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours".

They have many fantastic songs but for me their best song is "Welcoem To Dead Zone" which... wasn't realised on any cd. It's ONLY B-side.

You can listen it here. I swear it's really A M A Z I N G song!!

I also litening they solo albums which are also great.

I'd like to know what do you think of them, what songs and albums do you like the most and anything you know about this great welsh band.
Have you listened their demos, b-sides?? Like in BJ they have really great demos/b-sides.

Listen Welcome To Dead Zone...
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