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I'm so excited for this album, especially considering that it's a double-LP. The single is a fantastic shot of adrenaline that is a little different to what they did on DM. Thrash doesn't have to be 7mins long, and this song recalls the Kill Em All era (esp Whiplash/Hit the Lights-style) of fast, aggressive and obnoxious metal. I was a little concerned by Lords of Summer - though even that has grown on me. Hope there's a little variation on the album (you'd think so, given that there's 80 mins of music!).

I've been a huge fan of the band since I was about 12, and I've never followed a release - so I definitely be buying the deluxe edition in physical format on release day.

On another note, the album cover looks wicked - Metallica have generally great album art imo. The video I didn't really like though - all the flashing lights bothered me a little.

Wow, my two favourite bands releasing albums in consecutive months! What a time to be alive!
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