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Default Re: Motley Crue new song

Originally Posted by The Walrus
OK, lets get the aside details out the way first. No, I have never heard their new song, I can't actually remember what it's called offhand. And no, I don't really know any of MC's music at all, I am planning to pick up their new Greatest Hits when it comes out though.

However, I am quite shocked when I read yesterday in Kerrang that their new song was written by Candian pop-punks Simple Plan.Apparently it was "left over from their recent album sessions with producer Bob Rock". I was just wondering what people'e thoughts on this were? I mean, we complain about Bon Jovi using too many co-writers or whatever, but to use one of someone elses left over songs as your comeback single seems a little ... odd to me
a pop-punk song? oh no...
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