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Default Muse | 'Drones' | Released June 2015

1. Dead Inside
2. [Drill Sergeant]
3. Psycho
4. Mercy
5. Reapers
6. The Handler
7. [JFK]
8. Defector
9. Revolt
10. Aftermath
11. The Globalist
12. Drones

Is anybody else interested in this release? I've been growing more and more fond of Muse over the last year or so. Some of their stuff is pretty laughable, but when they're good, they are ****ing amazing. I think Starlight is in my top 3 favorite songs by any artist ever. Probably won't ever tire of that track.

Hopefully the album is more along the lines of Origin of Symmetry or Black Holes and Revelations. About half of The Resistance and half of The 2nd Law were good, but the other halves were pretty crappy. The band is on record of saying that 'Drones' should have more of a return-to-roots style with more guitars and less electronic sounds. So far two tracks (Psycho and Dead Inside) have been released, and Psycho reflects that sentiment, whereas Dead Inside is quite synth-heavy.

Anyway, Psycho is pretty decent. I've found a version that edits out the annoying-as-**** drill sergeant, which makes it much more bearable. Dead Inside is pretty great. Very nice, stripped down, funky track with an excellent bridge with passionate vocals from Matt Bellamy.

Dead Inside:
'Drones' will be released worldwide by June 10th.
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