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Originally Posted by ticos_stick View Post
I think apart from some good drum work Revolt is Muse at their safest, pop rocky worst.
Hmmm.... the drum work/timing of the song is what roped me into the song. I did think the chorus was a bit bland and simple, but I didn't quite think of it as worst anything.

I didn't like the songs on their own as they were released via singles and the lyric videos. The visuals of some of the videos are distracting and juvenile and lyrically it just wasn't working for me. Once the whole album hit Spotify and I heard it from start to finish I was won over. I love that the album is pedal to the metal for the most part all the way until the last 3 tracks. It balances out the catalog following the last two albums.

Not to compare it to The Wall, but I do view hearing those tracks early and out of context much like hearing tracks from the Pink Floyd album. If you heard In The Flesh with no context on the radio with lyrics about throwing folks into the oven.... you'd be WTF.

I'm a huge Def Leppard fan, so of course the fact that Mutt produced the album had my attention. Mutt has a penchant for albums that tend to be very consistent. I can listen to them from start to finish and not find much in the way of weak spots. He seems to have done that here.

What it comes down to for me is those songs being taken to the stage. Psycho is already mowing down the audience. These songs were meant for the stage.
I said, all it's about is the boy checked out, he couldn't handle reality.

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