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Originally Posted by ticos_stick View Post
Muse. Using a riff that has been played in live shows for the past ten years in a new single is the biggest sign yet that the creative well has truly dried up.
Somehow, I doubt that is what their reasoning was. The bit has been well documented over the years, so they knew it was going to be identified. I'd be interested in seeing the band address their reasoning directly, if it hasn't been already. I'm quite sure they felt it was a great riff, to which I agree, that they wanted to document as a full fledged song on an album.

I don't see them as having lost their muse, nor do I confuse this album with either Resistance or The 2nd Law. This is a much more in-your-face album.
I said, all it's about is the boy checked out, he couldn't handle reality.
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