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Been to see them a few times over the years- one of my mates takes me to see them as they are his favourite band, and in return he comes along to some Jovi gigs.

They put on a great show, although I do think the stage show is slightly overpowering the music these days. They don't seem to change up much between shows, although do more so between tours and could do with a bit more crowd interaction at their big stadium shows. They always make sure to have a great support line up at their gigs too.
It was great to see the contrast between the Emirates show I did last month and then going to see them play at Horse Guards Parade a week later. But they sound great live, and I really liked The 2nd Law. Panic Station is a tune and Unsustainable sounds amazing loud. Plus they have some incredible live tunes- it's hard to beat being in the crowd for Knights Of Cydonia, Plug In Baby or Time Is Running Out. I would definitely recommend seeing them and they have sneaked up to be my 2nd favourite band at the moment.
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