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Not a single ballad????? Did you listen to the last song on the album??? if that's not a ballad, I don't know what is.

There's only one rocker on the album - Stay With You.

This is the way I see it - Some will really like it. There are Goo Goo Dolls fans who think their greatest songs are Iris and Name. I hate to stereotype, but there's lots of girl fans (just like Bon Jovi) who will like whatever they do because John Rzenick is "so dreamy".

Personally, my favorite Goo album is Superstar Car Wash. I loved the 3 albums after that as well, but this album is nothing like those. There are very few good, heavy guitar riffs on it.

Another big thing that caught my attention was how so few of the songs grabbed me. I admit, it does take some time for certain music to grow on you. However, with the Goos, that has NEVER been the case with me. The first time I've heard just about all their music, I liked it. Not a good sign when that doesn't happen with the majority of songs on the album.
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