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Old 11-24-2011, 07:54 PM
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Originally Posted by nickolai View Post
And I bought the Wheatus album in 2000.
You poor chap. I saw them live, playing to a bar of about 30 people. They got heckled right from the start to play 'Teenage dirtbag' so they did on like the 4th song....then played it again at the encore. I despair.

Anyway back on topic, Neil Young is a bit hit or miss for me, some good stuff some bad stuff...and some shocking stuff. But, who doesn't have a back catalogue like that? I rate him above Dylan and below Springsteen and Seger.. but thats personal opinion.

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Old 11-24-2011, 08:37 PM
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Originally Posted by nickolai View Post
Don't think you're getting away with it that easily. How can you slag Nickelback and admit to liking Neil Young? He sounds like a drunk tramp. The best thing he did was

1. Heart of gold - ill give you that one. It's a fantastic song.
2. Allow Bon Jovi to "steel" and absolutely improve by 1,000,000% Rocking In The Free World.

His Freedom album (bar those 2) is perhaps the worst album I've ever bought. And I bought the Wheatus album in 2000.
Well let's see, because Neil Young is a GREAT, GREAT artist and Nickelback are lowest-common-denominator shit.

A drunk tramp? Well, sure he's drunk on "Tonight's the Night" & "Time Fades Away" (albums I assume you've never heard, and probably shouldn't as they would leave your boring taste utterly confounded) but those were some fucked up times and that's some of his most powerful music, the drunkenness, off key singing, poor production etc actually elevate the quality of that music as he's an artist, not a pop singer and he was trying to reflect the dark days he was living. Personally I'd say he emits more of a stoned vibe than drunk. With regards to "tramp" Neil has made more money than any of us here ever will and absolutely 100% on his own terms without playing bullshit industry games.

I've underlined "artist" to further highlight the gaping difference in quality between Neil Young (hero of the Americana scene, alt-rock, indie and grunge bands and, hey, even commercial rock artists like one Mr Jon Bon Jovi) the muse-driven genius and Nickelback, the product-flogging worthless moneymakers, heroes to insignificant bands I never want to hear.

but yeah Heart of Gold is a pretty sweet little tune. not that he hasn't crafted more, er, substantial works.

oh and "Freedom"? some great songs, balanced out by slick production and the odd track of 80s dreck. better album choice next time.

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neil young

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