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Do we really need a new thread every time Bruce farts? Can't we just revive one of the 8 previous ones?

The new song is what it is - Bruce by numbers. It's fine. After a period of acoustic drivel that included the last album and the castration of the old classics for the Broadway show, he now went back to his old bandmates, so we hear the big Max drums, Roy's piano and loud guitars; all that were sorely missed from his albums the past decade (sans High Hopes, but that was mostly a collection of old songs anyway). Sonically, sounds like an E Street song. All there's missing is a good hook and genuine energy. The closest comparison to his past for me would be Lonesome Day meets Better Days meets I Wish I Were Blind. Except all three of these songs are much better.

It reminds me the new single the Rolling Stones put out a few months back (Living In The Ghost Town). Vintage sound, but not that much songwriting substance. I guess the Bon Jovi's best equivalent would be We Weren't Born To Follow.
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