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Its a good album,but,tbh,after listening to Ghosts and reading some good reviews from fans on some boards I was expecting more.
It is his best album of the last 13 years,the best since Magic,but it wasnt very difficult looking at the bad albums Bruce has released since 2007.
With Bruce happens just the opposite to Bon Jovi.
With each new BJ album,it is cool to say that it is a bad album,that they dont released a good album since the 80s or 1992,etc
But with Bruce is the oppsoite,it is cool to say that each new album is a good album.
I am a big Bruce fan(not as big as a Bon Jovi fan,BJ is the band of my life)and if I have to criticize Bruce I do.
The album has 4 or 5 very good songs and the rest is average.
I actually enjoyed the album,and I think its a good album but reading somewhere its his best albun since Tunnel of Love or even since The River...NO WAY
Even Magic was a better album.
Saying that,it has one of the best songs of all his career.Ghosts is incredible.
I hope we can enjoy Bruce more years.
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