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^ And I, on the other hand, would die to see this show live, especially with all those fresh new songs in the setlist!

Never mind that I only have two (count them) IM albums by now, Powerslave and the new one and that I have never seen the band live. Powerslave has great nostalgia value for me as I loved listening to it back in the 80s, and when I got it on CD about two years ago, I found that it still holds up remarkably well. I then got the new album, when people started raving about the progressiveness of it. "Should be right up my alley", I thought, and indeed it was, I can't stop listening to it! The textures are awesome and just to hear The Legacy live would be such a thrill.

I've meant to get some of the other classic albums from the 80s for a long time now but this new effort has finally made me resolute in getting them, lol.

AMOLAD has already gone platinum in Finland and for a good reason if you ask me
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