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Originally Posted by The Walrus
Yup, it's the first single, the video from it's up on youtube somewhere ... you can barely make out any of it though cos its recorded off the TV

I'm quite liking the song actually, yeah its odd and different, but there are bits of it I really like, like the whispers and the guitar solo. AND, give it a few more plays and it will quite possibly get stuck in your head and never leave.

People I've been talking to have been comparing it to Nine Inch Nails, Franz Ferdinand, and slighty worryingly, Britney Spears ...
i dunno about britney spears but the drums are pretty much bang on the beat for the pussy cat dolls dontcha.

i dug the whispers n stuff too.

in fact now u mention it, i was talkign to a mate about it last night and he said the little guitar lick remindedme him britney spears version of i love rock n roll
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