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TAKE A BOW: a nice return to bellamy using synths.. lots of nice layers and itís got an almost dancey feel to it, could play it in a nightclub to be honest. Looks like the production and arrangements on it is going to be top notch.

STARLIGHT: intro sounds great. I think this is their xtsingle. Piano / synths on it again. Itíll be interesting to see how he does this live. Great tune. Really catchy even the verses. Love the chorus at the end.

SUPERMASSIVE BLACK HOLE: you know the script with this one. I wasnít totally sure about this when I 1st heard it and thought it isnít the muse we love but its sounding alright now. Love the dirty feel to it. Could do without the falsetto singing, I donít really know why they chose to do that to be honest.

MAP OF THE PROBLEMATIQUE: dunno wtf the name is all about but the intro is great sounds very promising. Lots of nice weird noises going on. I love that kinda stuff. Sounds almost 80-ish. Great chorus. I love this tune. Really. If this isnít the best tune on the album theyíve got to have something phenomenal down the line.

SOLDIERíS POEM: a mellow slow one. Brushes on the snare drum to give you an idea. Kind of ripped off canít help falling in love for the intro. Youíll know what I mean when you hear it. Not sure I like this one much. Itís not bad but muse are at their best when everything is turned up to 11 and this is more like everything at 2. would maybe be better to finish the cd off or be a hidden track IMO.

INVINCIBLE: appears to be another slow one, hopefully itíll kick in. sounds like it might. Still better than soldiers poem. Nice melody and chord progression. This has actually turned into a really nice tune. Iím liking it a lot now. It gets louder. Not massive loud but still goes a nice place. Great noodling by Bellamy using his guitars effects. If I ever become rich the 1st thing Iím doing is getting some zvex pedals put into my guitars so I can do cool shit like Matt does. 2nd favourite song on the album so far.

ASSASSIN: really fast intro. Not sure if I like that to be honest. A lot of the guitar work on this seems to be pretty rapid. K itís mellowed out a bit now. Sounds pretty good. Promising. Decent chorus. I like this one.

EXO POLITICS: Nice sing along of the strongest tracks on the record imo. Could possibly be a single.

CITY OF DELUSION: an acoustic guitar on a muse track?!?!?!?!? This should be interesting. Ah nice loud guitars thatís more like it. This is pretty cool. Reminds me of older muse album tracks.Trumpets now too which sound suspiciously like the trumpet line on the Manicís Kevin carterÖ. Interesting tune for those 2 reasons alone to be honest.

HOODOO: a flamnco sound guitar intro. Pretty cool. They seem to be really stretching themselves influence wise on this record. Sounds pretty haunting..Beautiful guitar tone. James bond chord at the end J

KNIGHTS OF SYDONIA: last track, starts off with the sound of horses which appear to be being chased by spaceships that are trying to shoot them with lazers ?!?!?!?! 50s surf guitar slides too. This is a nice dancey one. Sounding very cool from the start. Lots of layers on this too. Im really liking this actually. The intro is either ridiculously long or itís an instrumental. K singing. This could be a single. Itís ďpoppyĒ well about as pop as muse get. ďNo ones going to take me alive.Ē Great line. Not totally sure wether itís the chorus or not but Iíd say this is my 2nd favourite tune on the album after map of the problematique.

Conclusion: itís a good album. I really like it but there arenít any standout tracks which is a shame when you look at their last 3 albums all having a couple of absolutely brilliant tunes. The best songs on this still donít compare to the best from previous albums but if youíre a muse fan you should pick this up.
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