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Originally Posted by Kev View Post
Chris, what and where was the Noel show the you seen a few weeks ago, please mate?
It was Noel Gallagher and Gem Archer doing semi-acoustics shows in a mini world tour. They had some guy on a snare drum to add a little extra beat and a couple of songs had some keyboard parts, but mostly it was just the guitars.

It was unlike any other show I've been to, with the instruments, 3 chairs and a gold curtain making up the stage. It was so casual and Noel was speaking heaps to the crowd, which was only about 3000 or so, so most of the things that were said to him, he could hear. He is damn funny once he gets going. Loves taking the piss out of the Brits, of which there were plenty at the show.

Heaps of songs were played that I never thought I'd hear live- WHATEVER, Talk Tonight (my fave 'b' after Acquiesce), Half The World Away, Slide Away was great, Strawberry Fields even got a run and they played a slightly altered version of Wonderwall, which was a relief, as I am tired of the original.

But there you go, great show!

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