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Originally Posted by biotlobj View Post
My Dad and i went to see Paul Weller live the other night @ the apollo in hammersmith for the 6th time. The man knows how to rock a mic! seeing him preform live is an experiance you wont forget! Paul wont leave a show without a few old jam and style council songs and his music that he's still making is so funky and great to chill out to whilst having a fat blunt or whatever you do!
I really cant wait for his new album due to be released for 2 June, a few tracks are going about at the moment. I cant get anoth of his current single "have you made up your mind" 10/10. He aint as good as not as good as you know who tho
Was that the gig with Noel Gallagher, Gem Archer and Roger Daltrey jamming with him? If so, you lucky bastard

He's great anyway, especially with the Jam and solo, but the Style Council have some good songs too. I bought his new single yesterday and it's ****ing great, especially Echoes Around the Sun (no bias there... )
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